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2020 certainly was a difficult time for everyone. Many are struggling with health conditions making them uncomfortable or unable to travel. Many others are afraid for their loved ones. Some are struggling with financial hardships. A few are unwell. Transportation routes and opportunities have been hampered, closed, or cancelled. And for those of us in the tourism industry who are dependent on people travelling to us for some r&r there have been a great challenges simply getting information and the details on how we will be able to operate in this Covid world.

The good news is that we feel that we have responded to the government’s provided guidelines in the very best way for both guests and staff. This letter and the following document package details the changes to our operation that we are implementing during this interim time. We are not allowed to operate without providing you, our guests, with all of this information and we are required to ensure that you have read and understood all the covid responses we will be implementing.

The following information will include a list that the government has created for guests at a fishing lodge. It will also have a list of responses we have that involve your visit and that may or may not be different from past visits. We fully expect the government to ease their restrictions as the summer progresses but for the time being this is how we have to operate in order to host you, our valued guests.

These are challenging times and we are determined to do our best and more than is required for guest and staff safety. Our staff and guides are keen to get working and we want to stay working all summer. Please bear with us as we navigate the new normal.

Walter and Blondy 




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