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At Quatsino Lodge your catch is treated with the utmost respect. Fish are bled as soon as they are boated on the water and kept cold in running seawater. Upon reaching the dock your guide immediately sets to work on cleaning and filleting your catch to your specifications. Each fish goes into its own basket and is kept with only your fish, separate from the other fishermen's catch.

We have a vacuum sealing hut on site and staff whose sole purpose is to take care of your catch. Once the fish is deboned, filleted, and cut into pieces just the right size for your family, it enters the fish hut. It is then vacuum sealed and very carefully labeled. Next the fish is placed all pieces together in order (like a jigsaw puzzle) back into its original shape and then into its own bag. Immediately the fish is placed into a freezer. We have three 20 cubic foot upright freezers that really freeze those fish solid. When you leave we count, record, and box all your fish for you into airline friendly insulated boxes.

Do you have to have your fish processed? Absolutely not. We do include the service in all our deluxe packages but many folks want to smoke, can or steak their fish. No sense in processing it up only to have it reprocessed. In this case we will simply clean it , bag it and freeze it for you no  charge. ​ 

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