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At Quatsino Lodge, we offer a fully guided West Coast fishing experience tailored to your preferences. The best time to visit depends on your sport fishing interests:


  • April to June: Target Chinook, Halibut, and Ling Cod. In June, Coho fishing starts.

  • Late June and July: Larger Coho and Chinook, excellent bottom fishing continues.

  • Late July and August: Ideal for large Northern Coho and the chance of Tuna, offering a thrilling wildlife safari.

  • September: A hidden gem with abundant Northern Coho, sizeable Chinook, and big Halibut. Ling Cod and Tuna continue into September as long as the weather cooperates.

Join us for a fantastic Canadian sportfishing experience - simply reach out to reserve your fishing dates, and we'll take care of the rest.

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