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At Quatsino Lodge we offer our clients a fully guided unique West Coast experience. The type of sport fishing you are looking for will determine the month you choose to visit. In April, May, and June we target Chinook, Halibut, and Cod. By June we are also fishing for Coho.  

Late June and July are similar but the size of both the Coho and the Chinook increases - offering the opportunity to land 40+ pounders!  

Late July and August add great bucktailing possibilities and man do the Coho grow in August.  By the tail end of August, we start to see really big Northern Coho appearing. Tuna arrives anywhere from the end of July to the middle of August and offer a wonderful experience for the angler who is a hunter at heart-- a real wildlife safari  

September is our best kept secret. The Northern Coho are plentiful, large Chinook are still hanging out, and the Halibut ... they are big, beautiful, and bountiful.  Don't forget the Cod!  Tuna continues right through September and as long as the weather holds out and the fog doesn't roll in, they are abundant. 


Maybe it's the climate or the colder water here on northern Vancouver Island, but it seems like our BC Salmon, Steelhead and Trout are filled with a special kind of energy. The kind of energy that breaks lines, bends hooks, makes your arm weary... and gives you plenty to talk about at the end of a day of fishing. But, for us, that's just sportfishing! 
We hope you'll join us. All it takes is a phone call or e-mail to reserve your fishing dates. We'll be happy to handle the rest for you. So, check your calendar give us a call and get ready for some great Canadian sportfishing at Quatsino Lodge! 

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