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If you want to target the best Pacific halibut fishing, come on or after April 1st.  Ling Cod opens on April 15th. 

Did you know that Halibut can be aged like a tree? They have growth rings in their inner ear. You can age your halibut by counting these rings. Did you know that halibut can live for over 30 years? The oldest one on record is 55 years old.  A female halibut can reach the unbelievable size of 9 feet and weigh 700 lbs. The males usually stay around 40 lbs.  Those old males are better let go than kept as they tend to be very wormy and not great eating.  Your guide will be able to tell you more about what sex and age your halibut is. 

The best tasting size of halibut is between 15 and 30 lbs. This size of halibut is frequently called "chicken of the sea". We prefer to target the "chickens" for two reasons: one, they taste the best, and two because we want to preserve our future breeding stock. A large halibut (over 60 lbs) is a great trophy but difficult to cook as they are too thick!  

We have a very plentiful crop of ling cod in our waters all year long. The season opens mid-April and closes Mid October. Be warned; they take much longer to cook than halibut.  But the taste is worth it! Absolutely delish.  Check out our recipe section for tried, tested and true recipes for this glorious fish.   
So many varieties of rockfish frequent our waters.  Common catches include Vermillion, Tiger, China, Quill Back, Copper and Silver Grey as well as Sea Bass and the list keeps going. So delicious to eat and so interesting to catch and admire.  They live quite deep at times so be prepared to reel!  With our ever-changing laws you will want to catch a variety of these lovelies. 

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