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Salmon fishing off the west coast of Vancouver Island is primarily for Chinook (otherwise known as Springs or King Salmon) as well as Coho (a.k.a Silver Salmon). In the fall we also target Chum Salmon. 
Our salmon season begins in April targeting Chinook salmon. Sizes vary but each year the average size increases.  Coho are legal starting June 1. Late September and October see the return to rivers of Chum Salmon, otherwise known as Dog Salmon-- they weigh between 10 and 18 lbs. The Coho are also heading to the rivers during this time.  


The only hindrance to winter salmon fishing on the west coast of Vancouver Island is the weather. The salmon are always around us and tend to put up a real fight in the winter months. Springs, Coho, Chum... they're all salmon. They're all fun.

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