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Chinook feed in our area year-round, but weather being what it is we suggest April through mid-September for the sport fishing crowd. The average size for Chinook all year is 15 - 25 lbs, though larger can be caught any time. As the year progresses, the spawners continue to grow leading to higher concentrations of large fish heading for our local rivers later in the summer.  


Coho become legal June 1st each year and they too run up the river in the fall (later than the Chinook though). They start out small but increase in size through the summer. The big Northern Coho weighs in between 12-17 lbs on average in late August and through September.


Halibut are open February- December with a daily limit of 1 and a possession limit of either 1 halibut between 90 cm and 133 cm in length, or 2 under 90 cm in length.  


Ling Cod are plentiful and recreationally open April 1 - October 1. In our area of the West Coast we are allowed 3 per day for a total of 6. 


Tuna - the golden trophy sport fish - arrive in late August and can be found as late as October BUT they are water temperature and wind dependent. They travel a long way in 24 hours and the weather makes all the difference.  Catch limits are very liberal. 


Steelhead tends to be more available through the summer and early fall in our area. 


River fishing for Chinook, Coho and Pink salmon begins in late August but really thrives in late September and throughout October. We recommend not keeping salmon once they head up the river. 

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