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Adam & Devin Sweeny 


As many of you already know, Quatsino Lodge has been listed for sale for several years. Adam & Devin, the owners of Gowlland Towing Ltd, a marine towing company based in Campbell River, had the opportunity to visit the lodge last fall. They fell in love with the fishing, the property, and the care and detail both Blondy and Walt put into providing the best possible experience for our valued guests. Both Blondy and Walt have happily agreed to stay involved for the next few seasons (maybe more!!) to ensure a smooth transition and to uphold the impeccable guest experience they have spent years perfecting.

Our new ownership group grew up on northern Vancouver Island and are avid hunters and fishermen themselves. They are committed to continuing the family feel of the lodge and are very open to feedback on how we can make improvements while maintaining the legacy of Quatsino Lodge. You will see many familiar faces such as Breanna and the entire roster of returning guides. You will also notice a few new faces, ones such as our General Manager Elyse, and our new owners who hope to be on site and fishing as much as possible. Walt will continue to guide and Blondy will enjoy her time gardening, hosting, and whatever else her heart desires. This season our founders will be sure to enjoy some much-needed time off!

We look forward to having each and every one of you back this season and together we can make 2022 a special new beginning for the next legacy!

Breanna Goffman

Assistant Manager and First cook

You can expect to see me in the kitchen again in 2022 cooking up your favourite meals plus some new additions to the menu. After the Lodge season in 2021 I've been busy finishing a business diploma, hunting, exploring, and of course testing new recipes on my friends, family, and coworkers. Looking forward to catching up with returning guests and getting to know the new ones this year.

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Head guide

BC sport fishing guide Walter Schoenfelder grew up on the banks of the Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC, next door to Roderick Haig-Brown. He began working as a sport fishing guide at age 13 and by 16 spent his summers guiding. Walt quickly acquired a loyal clientele, many of his guests have been with him from the beginning of his guiding career. In 1991, Walt and his wife Blondy started First Light Charters. From the beginning it has been a small, family-run business and the Schoenfelder’s two children, Nick and Sam, have worked with them. First Light grew into Quatsino Lodge in 2001 and has never looked back. 


Terry Gurney


Terry began guiding back in 1979. In 1984, he started working with Walt at the sportfish centre. In the early 90's Terry started adventuring out to greener pastures, as many other sport fishing guides did. Gold river was hot - but Quatsino was hotter and it reminded Walt and Terry how good fishing used to be, back in the old days in Campbell River. When Walt asked Terry to join him in Quatsino he could think of no place he would rather be so in 1998 he started the annual journey north to Gods Country. 


Avery Kampen

Second Cook

My name is Avery and this will be my second summer working at the lodge. I have always loved fishing and being outdoors. I’ve lived on the island pretty much my entire life and have absolutely loved it. I am looking forward to this summer and can’t wait to meet all our amazing guests with a smile!

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Les Black


Les has been a fishin' fool for most of his life.  He has spent many years fishing with family and friends and then running his own boat.  We are excited to have him on our team.  He comes to us with enthusiasm, experience and energy.  Folks are loving it and Les is too.  He "loves his job" and it shows.  He also loves his dessert.  And that means the kitchen loves you too Les.

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Neil Matheson


Neil has been our regular part time guide for years.  He is a master fisherman who began his guiding career in Campbell River in the late 70s and has been consistently producing fish everywhere he works since.  He also is one of the few fellows who can run the SeaPig so we like to have him up as often as possible.  Neil is father to Nico and Rafaelle, who have both spent a few years in the past as part of our team.  Neil will only be with us for a bit this busy summer so if you are lucky you'll get to have him take you out.


Nick Schoenfelder


Nick had a rod in his hand from the time he could walk and his career as a sport fishing guide has very much mirrored that of his father, Walter Schoenfelder. Nick's enthusiasm, experience and commitment to the family business has earned him the reputation as a first rate guide and nothing pleases him more than seeing his guests reel in and land the fish . . . especially if they are bigger than those landed by his dad!  Nick doesn't fish full-time at the lodge but is available for request charters.

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Mike Wadsworth


Mike joined the Quatsino Lodge family in 2017 and has been an excellent team member ever since. His positive attitude and boisterous laugh keep things upbeat on and off the boat. He has been fishing his entire life and his skill level never ceases to impress.  Mike has grown into a much sought-after member of the fishing team and his friendly competitive spirit does inspire the whole team.

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Evan Black


Evan started at the lodge as a buzz cut, big eared, 11 year old.  His eagerness, keen eye and passion for fishing has culminated in him starting his guiding career with Quatsino Lodge in 2021. And did he ever rock it out of the park. Evan’s constant good mood, sense of humour, strong work ethic and team motivation keeps us all entertained and trucking forward. 2021 was a stellar year of guiding for him and we anticipate only more and better each year to come. (Needless to say papa bear Les of the Blue Top fame is pretty proud!).


Antoine Guiot

General Helper

“Some of you have probably already met me during the summer 2019, while I was working at the dock. 
Freshly arrived to Canada at this time, I quickly got hooked by the beauty of the west coast and its countless fishing opportunities, that I decided to stay and call the island my new home. 
Helped by the precious advices of Nick and Walter, fly fishing, mushroom picking and foraging rapidly became some of my favorite hobbies, that I thrive to bring into my passion for cooking. 
I am really excited to have the opportunity to join again the Quatsino family for a new season, that I am sure will be full of great memories !” 

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Heidi Schulte

General Helper

As someone who has grown up fishing and on the water, I'm thrilled to be starting my first season at Quatsino Lodge! It's been a busy year for me as I've been pursuing my first year of university as a double major in biology and psychology studies. My year has been filled with studying, making new friends, and exploring the city of Victoria. Outside of school, I love fishing with my dad, hiking, camping, hockey, and playing the bass guitar. All in all, I’m a sucker for the outdoors. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone this summer and joining the team.