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Kayaking in Quatsino Sound is unlike anywhere else on earth. Paddle through a Sea Otter nursery, walk pristine white sand beaches collecting seashells, or view sea caves from inside in the morning, then be up an inlet only accessible on certain tides to view our lush temperate rainforest in the afternoon. 

There are many unique rock formations such as the limestone gorge we paddle through when we visit the mystical Little Amazon River, where wildlife viewing is unparalleled. Sea otters by the hundreds, humpback; minke; grey; and orca whales, seals and sea lions, eagles, bears, wolves, and even the odd cougar live in this spectacular wilderness area

We plan our trips around the tides and the weather. Every trip begins and ends at the lodge where your meals are prepared by our chef, your bed is clean and warm, and there is a comfortable sitting area available to relax in after a busy day of exploring. 

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