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Tuna fishing is the best kept secret of the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is an ocean safari and a unique experience that every Bonafide fisher should experience at least once in their lifetime.  You will be hunting for tuna, looking for signs, travelling vast distances on the open ocean with an amazing variety of wildlife around you as you hunt.  When the tuna come, they come with a vengeance.  The tuna season has no fixed start date.  We have started as early as late July and as late as August 20th. Because it is such a special trip, we suggest you plan between Aug 20th and September 10th.  If you are planning to come fishing at the end of July to late September, the potential is there for tuna fishing. On Tuna trips you can spot super pods of dolphins, Mako Blue Salmon sharks, Thrasher Sharks, Whales of all sorts and bird life, so much bird life. A true ocean safari.  Tuna put up an excellent fight and the sizes range from 15 - 40 lbs. Much bigger and the gear is gone. You must be patient and be prepared to hunt for hours.  It costs more in fuel so there is a surcharge, but it really is a trophy experience. If you want more details give us a call. 

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