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We have been river fishing for decades all up and down Vancouver Island but over time we have been incredibly pleased with the September/October salmon-on-the-fly experience Quatsino Sound has to offer. There are 5 salmon bearing rivers and streams that possess prolific enough runs to engage both experienced fisher and the novice, as fly fishing is easy to learn on our North Island rivers. Occasionally, we land steelhead, but our target species are Coho and Chum salmon.  We avoid the spawning Chinook once they reach the river as catching them during their spawning run has been shown to increase mortality dramatically.  Chum do not seem to mind at all, just a flick of their tail and off they go back up stream. 

 The rivers are fast and drop from the mountains to the ocean very quickly. As a result, there is great oxygen content in the water and the fish are energized.   
Shoreline wildlife includes black bears, mink, eagles, and wolves. 

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